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Million Dollar Traders

Million Dollar Traders was filmed in the summer of 2008 and was televised in January 2009 in the UK and then globally in 2009 and 2010.

“There may be a public perception of what a trader actually is, which is loads of money, Ferrari’s, wild parties, lots of women, drugs, going out all the time blah blah blah… well I dare anyone to try this for a month. See how much it affects your life. You seriously do earn your money. The big firms get their pound of flesh. These guys have got a lot to learn in a very short space of time.”

“The U.S. Government has come out and said that if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac go to Zero then they will guarantee the debt. The market is taking it negatively because the government has basically admitted that there’s a possibility that they could go to zero and if they bail them out we’re talking hundreds of billions of dollars and who ends up paying for it? The U.S. consumer. To anyone that has been in the industry this is proper scary stuff. The whole basis of the U.S. Economy changes if this happens. I mean the U.S. is over for a generation if this happens potentially.”

“This is why markets are so volatile, this is why the world is in a complete mess at the moment and no-one knows what to do, because there is no light at the end of the tunnel.”

Amazing how he read that news! Very few people would have read between the lines and taken that as a negative for the U.S. – The government clearly wanted to calm markets back in 2008 to stop them crashing but all they did there was spook the likes of guys like Anton and all of the Hedge Funds.

“Naked Punting is for idiots.”

“If you’re going to sell them at seven quid in an hour, sell them at seven twenty-nine now.”

This was in response to the group at the end of episode 1, losing money because they all shorted U.S. banks stocks (naked) heading into Citigroup Earnings and they all got squeezed on their shorts and lost money. Anton was furious.

“You can’t hedge for 10 minutes. That strategy didn’t work. How many times do you want to be punched in the face?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the pressure gets to people and people start throwing their toys.”

“You’re the type of trader that just has itchy fingers. You want to deal all the time. You not me, need to control that.”

“He’s your bitch seriously. Who cares if he’s not happy. He’s your broker.”

“He’s too angry at the moment, let him calm down. I want to see what he does naturally without our influence. If he walks...”

“Just chill and let things happen naturally.”

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