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Anton Kreill Annihilates Retail Brokers and "Trading Educators"

There is so much knowledge in truth. This seminar was given in May 2017 in London.

“Ninety Percent of Retail Traders lose Ninety Percent of their deposit Margin within Ninety Days.”

Anton gave this seminar or variations of it for 5 years globally and introduced this statistic to the world of Retail Trading. He knew the numbers because he saw them behind the scenes because he is a large client of the Brokers. Now every fake trader online quotes this statistic and copies him by saying it without realising they’re the very reason why 90% of Retail Traders don’t make money. This is why Anton is such a genius. He is so far ahead of the game and he knows that he sets the narrative. He has changed the whole Retail Trader industry.

“What’s one of the big educator slogans? Make ten thousand dollars a month trading the international forex markets. Get the life you deserve. Well what if the forex markets don’t move? You’re not making ten thousand dollars a month trading the international forex market, you’re losing and they’re actually right. You are getting the life you deserve because you’re an idiot.”

This is such a great quote from Anton because it’s so true. Most educators in the U.K. and in the U.S. try to use the income narrative to seduce dumb money Retail Traders into believing that easy income is possible from financial markets. This is why so many of them go broke. They buy into this nonsense and pay thousands for courses that literally teach them how to fail.

“When desperation from middle class fools meets conflict of interest only bad things can happen.”

Here he is referring to fake traders and brokers online.

“Just because you have access to a brokerage platform or a trading account with a couple of thousand dollars in it and you trade every day, it doesn’t mean you’re a professional trader or have been a professional trader. It’s like me going out into my back garden everyday and kicking a football and saying I’m a professional footballer. Barcelona are not signing me up next week.”

I love this quote because it is totally spot on. There’re so many trading educators that pretend to have professional trading experience so they can try and sell you totally bullshit courses. They themselves have only ever been retail traders and have never made money. Anton saved me tons of money by highlighting this at the first seminar I went to in 2012.

“The vast vast majority of trading educators in the market have absolutely zero professional trading experience. They are Retail Traders pretending to be professional traders.”

In true Anton style he sums it up perfectly there.


Translated as “Don’t Fuck it Up”, Anton likes to sometimes sign off at the end of his seminars with this.

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