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The 5 Principles Behind the 10 Secrets

This is one of my favourite Anton Kreil Videos and was uploaded in 2018 to YouTube. There’s some great quotes in the video and it’s all mostly just fact after fact about setting your life up to get wealthy. The video is 2 hours long but well worth it. It’s the response Video by Anton to all the questions he got over the three years since uploading the 10 secrets video. Here’s a few great quotes I loved that are nonfactual or numbers based, and are Anton talking about the Capitalist system and the people complaining about it.

"What if it was lower? Well who cares? The numbers are ridiculous, the numbers are just monstrous. And on top of that if you’re just smart and you know how to make money when GDP is expanding and how to make money when GDP is contracting, it doesn’t matter. It’s genuinely not a question of whether it goes up or down. It’s just a question of whether you accept it’s the best system and if you want to participate or not. Guess what if you make the choice everyday not to participate what do you think you get in return? Nothing. It’s a meritocratic system. The real question is... how much do you want?”

“If you choose not to participate and stand around with placards with stupid signs on the placards protesting all the time that’s you saying I want nothing. And what’s the system going to give you in return? Nothing. Because you produce nothing. Is it starting to sink in?”

“That’s what I want, if you don’t like it, Heathrow Terminal 5.”

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