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10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success

10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success

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10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success

“If you don’t understand why money exists and it’s real function, you tend to have no respect for it.”

“A Million Dollars, a Hundred Thousand Dollars, Ten Thousand Dollars, it’s just a whole bunch of twenties that think nothing of you.”

“Rent is not a liability. Rent can actually be an Asset, because you have no risk, you can walk out the next month, you can leave anytime and you have total freedom and freedom is an asset. That’s what wealthy people get, they understand that.”

“One of my regrets was that I didn’t actually travel earlier in my life and I think it’s something every kid should do. Every young person should do it as soon as they can.”

10 Secrets: Testimonial

“Freedom allows you to be objective when you’re assessing risk because you will look at everything with clarity and look at everything with very simple downside versus upside.”

“Say no to your parents in terms of financial advice and career advice. If for example your parents are not wealthy, they’re cash flow poor, they’re asset poor, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re wrong. They’ve made all the wrong decisions themselves!”

“The most important business card is the one you put in the ATM.”

“If you’re a person that always thinks they’re right for some reason, well I would say this to you. Put your card in the ATM and see the number that looks back at you. That will tell you whether you’re right or wrong or not. There’s only one way to keep score.”

“It absolutely amazes me every time I come here and see this. I’m baffled by what must be going on in their heads. How they’ve legitimized this to themselves. That working and giving their time away for nothing in return is essentially a positive thing for them. How is that good for them? How is that good for their family?”

“Ditch the Smartphone. It’s brutal but you’ve just got to get rid of it. What’s your downside? Test it for one or two months and see what happens and I promise you your life will actually become better.”

“The wider News Media is really useless because it has an agenda. The agenda is the agenda itself. So for example, CCTV in China which is the state TV station… to me is the exactly the same as the BBC in the UK and Fox News in North America is exactly the same as North Korean state TV. They all have an agenda and the agenda is the agenda itself.”

“There’s a Million ways to make a Million Dollars. Trading is just one of them.”

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